The most powerful toolset to manage your community

Building an online community? Great. Outseta powers many of the internet’s most prolific communities, giving you the tools to engage, support, and monetize a thriving community.

Monetize your community

Whether you’ve already built a thriving community of you’re just getting started, effectively monetizing your community will allow you to invest that much more in its growth.

While some community platforms offer their own payment tools, Outseta gives you the pricing agility to easily change and optimize in seconds, entirely without code.

I'm really pleased that I chose Outseta for my community. Having payments, CRM, and emails in one place is really awesome.

Justin Welsh
Founder, Audience & Income

Individual or team memberships

Sell individual or team based memberships where each user on a team gets their own login credentials.

Pricing model flexibility

Charge one-time, recurring, or per user fees. Sell additional add-on products and services to members.

Robust CRM

Track the actual lifetime revenue of each community member directly on their CRM record.

SSO integrations

Outseta’s single-sign on (SSO) integrations allow community members to sign up for a membership, establish a password, then authenticate (login) directly into your community.

Learn more about SSO with Circle in our documentation.

Outseta is a god tier tool for me—I recommend that the majority of my projects use it. Saves so much time, money and integration work!

Tom Osman
Founder, Shiny Object Social Club

Control access to content

Outseta will recognize who the person is and which spaces in your community they should have access to based on their membership level.

Easily modify access

Our profile embed works seamlessly with your community, so members can manage their own account. Cancellations, upgrades, or downgrades will automatically revoke or modify access to your community accordingly.

The tools you need to drive community engagement

A growing community is a huge asset—assuming you can keep members engaged.

I'm in A LOT of communities. I don't participate in the online chatter, it's exhausting to me. I do attend a lot of 1:1 or small group calls and they have been life changing.

Online participation doesn't equal success or failure. There isn't a secret formula; no 1 size fits all.

It feels like we’ve all been invited to countless online communities these days—but how many can any person actively engage in? Outseta gives you the tools to support your community members, recognize when they are becoming disengaged, and proactively drive community engagement.

Automate outreach to members who become disengaged

Because Outseta’s authentication and email tools are pre-integrated, you can set up an email sequence in under a minutes to automatically re-engage with members who have stopped logging in to your community.

Watch our tutorial.

Share community updates, wins, and events

Use Outseta’s email marketing and automation tools to communicate important updates, events, and wins with your community. While much of your community engagement will happen within the confines of your community itself, email is one of the most effective tools for driving community engagement.

Build your own community member application

Outseta’s lead capture forms allow you to build your own community application—nothing is more effective in driving community engagement than making sure the quality of your community members is high!

A shared inbox to support your community members

As your community scales, you’re going to need to scale with it. Trust us, it becomes difficult to keep up with all of the messages flooding your email inbox very quickly—and not all requests for help are things community members feel comfortable asking about in your community itself.

Outseta’s help desk gives you a shared support ticketing inbox to where you can effectively route and respond to requests from your members, and our knowledge base gives you a tool to publish any information you’d like to share with your community members. Link to it from directly within your community!

Some of our favorite communities managed with Outseta

Communities managed with Outseta come in all different shapes and sizes. Here’s a dose of inspiration to get you started.

Audience & Income

Justin Welsh’s Audience & Income was initially built on Discord, but later moved to Slack. He uses Carrd for his website and a sophisticated application process to screen and accept new community members.

SDR Nation

SDR Nation is one of the fastest growing communities for sales development reps. Founder Charlie Locke built his community on Circle and his website on Wordpress.

Shiny School

Tom Osman—the man who sold the $1M+ NFT rock!—launched and now manages his community using Outseta.