Email is dead?

We beg to differ. Where do you spend the majority of your work day?

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Email broadcasts

Send one-off communications to any email list or segment of prospects or customers.

  • Create custom email designs with our drag and drop editor. No coding required.
  • Build from scratch, or start with one of our pre-designed templates.
  • Track delivered, opened, and click-through rates.

Automated drip campaigns

  • Send an automated series of emails to any segment of prospects of customers.
  • Trigger emails when someone subscribes to a list, joins a segment, or performs a custom activity.
  • Track email statistics for your drip campaigns in aggregate and for each individual email.

Prospect and customer segmentation

Easily target prospects or customers with whatever characteristics you see fit—no additional tools or spreadsheet jockeying required. Segment your list off of created date, pipeline stage, or any other custom property.

Email sign-up forms

Customize your sign-up forms with our form builder, no developer required. Easily integrate sign-up forms with your website—we provide stand-alone sign-up form pages, embedded HTML forms, and Javascript pop-up forms.

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