At Outseta, one of our goals as a company is to stay intentionally small. To that end we’ve decided not to invest heavily in building a sales team, instead relying on a network of agency partners and affiliates to bring business to our door.
Become an affiliate
Successful Outseta affiliates publish content showcasing our product, then earn recurring commissions for business that they refer to us. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, you’ve come the the right place!

Setting up a new "no-code" SaaS product being built in @webflow and came across @outseta for the authentication / billing and CRM side of things.

Wow. That's all I have to say.

If more people find out about this, there's about to be an explosion of new SaaS founders.

Build a low effort, sustainable recurring revenue stream

Outseta affiliates are key partners in building our business. We’re proud to offer a commission structure that’s far more favorable than your average full-time sales rep at a SaaS company would have.

  • Each affiliate is given a unique link that allows us to track sign-ups that they’ve referred to us.
  • Affiliates earn a 25% commission on all successfully processed payments—forever.
  • Affiliate commissions are based not only on our subscription fees, but also—and this is key—payment processing revenue. When the customers you refer to us make more money, you’ll earn more money!

Outseta affiliates play the long game

Our affiliate program is structured this way because we’re optimizing for long term partnerships that consistently refer us business and compound in value over time.

  • Because commissions are paid forever and include payment processing revenue, our company, our affiliates, and our customers’ incentives are perfectly aligned—we all succeed together!
  • We’re specifically looking for affiliates that refer high potential customers to us, and care about the success of the customer beyond the initial sale.
  • Because we pay commissions indefinitely, you can easily scale up a significant revenue stream by referring new customers. Being an Outseta affiliate is an easy way to build a secondary revenue stream.
  • Want to work at Outseta? Becoming a successful affiliate is a great way to build a relationship with us and make your case.
  • Businesses that use Outseta run almost entirely on our platform—as a result, we see extremely low customer churn from customers that grow successful businesses!
  • As an Outseta affiliate you’ll receive 1-on-1 sales training and will have priority access to customer support. We’ll also work with you directly to identify the types of content that you’re uniquely qualified to create that will most effectively generate new business.