Better understand your customers

When your billing, marketing, and customer sucess tools are already integrated with your CRM you'll better understand your customers' journey—from lead capture to lifetime value.

  • Effortlessly maintain complete account records that include a complete history of all contact information, email communications, customer support requests, and billing activity. No integration required.

  • Easily add custom properties to customize your account records to fit your business' unique needs.

  • Track Gmail conversations on your account records so you never lose context on your most recent interactions with your users.


Easily manage your sales pipeline

You've done the hard work to get your product to market; now it's time to grow. Our sales pipeline management tools will keep your customer acquisition efforts on track.

  • Drag-and-drop sales pipeline management tools make it easy to track the progress of each of your deals.

  • Fully customize our pipeline management tools to mirror the stages of your customer acquisition process.


Track user engagement with your product

SaaS companies need to manage contacts and customer communications, but also need insight into what actions users are taking within their product.

  • Create and track custom events that correlate to feature usage within your product

  • Use product engagement insights to sell to your most engaged customers and proactively offer help to users who become disengaged

  • Track product engagement metrics by billing stage, by month, or by cohort


Ready to understand your customers and your pipeline?