28 time saving
workflows for developers

I come across posts daily from developers talking about what they haven’t built.

My SaaS is about to cross $300 MRR, and I still don't have:

- password reset
- a billing portal
- change email
- a knowledge base
- dark mode

Best to worry about these once people actually need them 😅

I sent a reminder email and one more follow-up to customers who had at least 2 failed payments. For someone who read but didn't respond, I'll show this modal in their account.

SaaS founders, how are you chasing failed payments? 😅

Good news: Customer is adding more team members to their account.

Bad news: I have to code the logic to handle it.

I was hoping Stripe would have caught up to my "basic" use cases with their checkout product.

These comments come from a good place—it's evidence of focusing on only the most critical aspects of bringing your SaaS product to life. But just as often it's the developer coming to the realization that there's yet another common workflow that they'll need to write custom code to support.

How much time is it going to take you to build this stuff collectively? We’re talking hundreds of hours at a minimum.

Outseta gives you all of table stakes workflows required to build a SaaS business out-of-the-box. This is what modern speed to market and done-for-you-SaaS looks like.

Now get back to what actually matters—building your core product!

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Lock users out of their account when payments fail

If a user's payment fails, Outseta will automatically lock their account and prompt them to update their payment information if they try to login.


Automated collection attempts when payments fail

If you're running a subscription business, payments will inevitably fail. Outseta makes of series of automated attempts to collect failed payments—you don't need to lift a finger. More revenue = good. Failed payments = bad.


Automatically cancel subscriptions that have been past due for X number of days

Tired of seeing so many "past due" subscriptions? Outseta offers a configuration option to automatically cancel subscriptions that have been past due for a certain number of days.


Per user pricing that automatically prompts upgrades

Because Outseta brings together both billing and authentication tools, you get a complete solution for per user pricing out-of-the-box. If customers want to invite a new user, they'll be prompted to pay for the additional user first. Outseta automatically tracks the number of users that have been added to each account—we've connected the dots on per user pricing so you don't have to!


Email Verification

After a user subscribes Outseta send a confirmation email that verifies their email address and prompts then to set a password. Boom! The quality of your subscriber data just got that much better.


Prompt users to upgrade if they try to login after their free trial has expired

Free trials are great—but you should use them to drive conversions! Outseta will automatically prompt users to purchase a subscription if they try to login after their free trial period has expired.


Allow expired accounts to easily resubscribe

Once an account has been canceled Outseta will move the subscription to an "Expired" billing stage. All account information is maintained—if a user with an expired subscription tries to login they'll be prompted to resubscribe to access their pre-existing account.


Show a picklist of accounts at login to users with multiple accounts

If you allow users to sign up for multiple accounts using the same email address, Outseta will show the user a picklist of accounts when they try to login. The user just needs to select any account on the picklist and they'll be logged into the account they selected.


Manually flag accounts for upgrade

Want to manually flag an account so they'll be prompted to upgrade next time they try to login? Easy peasy—you can do this directly from within Outseta CRM.


Cancel and revoke a user's access immediately

Some users are just trouble. Want to cancel a subscription and immediately revoke the user's access to they can't login to your product or site? There's an option for that, too.


Set a custom access token lifetime

Want to customize how long users remain logged in to your product by default? Outseta allows you specify the lifetime of your access tokens.


Send notifications via webhooks or email

Want to get a notification each time you sign up a new paid subscriber? Or every time a payment fails? Outseta's notification system allows you to send notifications for any important happening within your account via email or webhooks.


Send notifications to Slack channels

Want to map important notifications to specific Slack channels? It's a great way to keep your whole team in the know.

Engagement tracking

Track user engagement with your product in aggregate

Create custom activities to track exactly how users are interacting with your product. These insights are gold when it comes to building successful onboarding practices and workflows designed to drive feature adoption.

Engagement tracking

Track individual user engagement directly on their CRM records

Outseta allows you to track how individual users interact with your product—directly on their CRM records!


Deploy customizable cancellation surveys (and automated reporting)

Your cancellation survey and experience shouldn't be an afterthought—it's a gold mine of insight to help you run a more successful business. Outseta shows you everything from the customer's subscription plan to their lifetime value when they cancel.

Email automations

Automated emails to win back disengaged users

Want to setup automated emails to re-engage users that haven't logged into your product in X number of days? This is a super common workflow but can take several hours to setup when you're using separate authentication, CRM, and email marketing tools. With Outseta you can configure this workflow in less than 30 seconds!

User accounts

Support multi-tenant user accounts

Offering multi-tenant user accounts creates another layer of complexity—and that many more custom workflows that you need to build. Outseta gives you multi-tenant accounts out-of-the-box.

User accounts

Allow users to invite additional team members to their account

Gone are the days of adding additional team members to accounts manually. Outseta allows your customers to invite new team members to their account via our profile embed.


Add OAuth clients to authenticate users into multiple products with OpenID Connect

Want to log users into your SaaS product, website, and online community concurrently? Just add an OAuth client—Outseta can be used as the authentication provider for any product that accepts OpenID Connect login credentials.

Transactional emails

15+ automated transactional emails

Your Outseta account comes pre-loaded with 15+ automated transactional emails that all subscription businesses need. These emails cover everything from lost password workflows, to failed payments, to auto-responder messages when support tickets are submitted. Each template is editable so you can make the copy your own. Consider the time savings on this one item alone...

User accounts

Track every interaction with your customers

Track every interaction you have with your customers directly on their CRM record—every login, email, chat conversation, support ticket, you name it. This includes custom activities that are specific to your business, too.

Security & compliance

Add CAPTCHA to your sign up forms

Listen, it ain't sexy—but adding CAPTCHA to all the forms on your site is one of the best thing you can do to protect against bots, fraudulent sign-ups, and generally users with malicious intent.

Security & compliance

Add terms and conditions to your sign up forms

Want to require that users accept your terms and conditions when they sign up or update their subscription? Outseta has a configuration for that, too.

Security & compliance

Generate API keys to securely integrate with other products

Easily generate API keys directly from within Outseta to integrate securely with other products in your tech stack.

Email automations

Automate onboarding, free trial, or subscription renewal reminder emails

Outseta allows for easy segmentation without requiring you to ping-pong data between your software tools. Easily configure automated emails to onboard new customers, remind them that their free trial is about to expire, or alert them of an upcoming subscription renewal.


Use session or local storage

Outseta uses session storage by default, but with a minor modification to Outseta's configuration object you can switch to local storage so users' authentication status is recognized across tabs.