Imagine you're shopping for a new car.

You show up at the dealership, and every car comes fully loaded. The best price is listed clearly on the windshield and you never need to speak to a salesperson unless you ask to.

That would be a great sales experience, wouldn't it? Too bad almost nobody sells software like this! That awkward silence at the end of sales calls before the salesperson asks you “What’s keeping you from moving forward?” 

No thanks. So we’re not going to do it to you.

Instead, you'll find everything you need to evaluate Outseta below. We’re always here if you need us—and we’ll never follow up with you unless you ask us to.

Here’s our sales pitch

When your subscription business sets sail, it’s the norm that you buy a handful of software tools. A CRM for prospect and customer data. A billing system to charge your customers. Marketing tools, help desk tools—you know the drill.

Every SaaS or membership business requires the same core tools—so why is everyone wasting time cobbling together their own tech stack?

We sell speed to market

A hard truth—the software you choose to use is going to have very little impact on your start-up’s chances of success. A strange statement coming from a software company, yes. But there’s one factor that does have an outsized impact on your chances of success—the quality of your core product.

  • How much value is your SaaS product delivering? 
  • How awesome is the content on your membership site?
  •  How engaged is your online community?

Every aspect of Outseta is designed so that you can spend as much time as possible focused on what really matters—building your core product. Outseta gives you back time to focus on what matters.

From authentication to payments to transactional emails, there’s so many little workflows that Outseta gives you out-of-the-box in minutes. We routinely hear:

“You gave me in 15 minutes what I spent three months building at my last company."

Speed to market matters. How soon will your start-up be relevant?

Gone are the days of unnecessary "look what I didn't build" trade-offs.

Less software = better alignment

When you choose to stitch together a series of software tools, you're consistently logging into a series of different tools. You login to your help desk software to answer support tickets, your email marketing software to send an email campaign, your CRM to manage your sales process. That customer who needs a refund? You need to login to Stripe for that!

Even if these systems are well integrated, some context on your customers is inevitably lost along the way. You’ll definitely have a “Doh!” moment or two when you deliver a lousy user experience to one of your customers because of the context you were missing. We’ve all been there.

It’s a major advantage to have your whole team living in the same tool day in and day out. Everyone’s looking at the same data. Everyone has a shared understanding of what's happening within your business.

When alignment improves, business results follow.

Improved operational efficiency

While speed to market is the first benefit you'll realize with Outseta, improved operational efficiency is the second. Your Outseta account is littered with examples of workflows that can be built in minutes that would otherwise take hours to set up with disjointed software tools.

Say you want to proactively fight churn by reaching out to users who show signs of becoming disengaged—users who haven't logged into your product in say 14 days. Typically this would require that you:

  • Create an "event" to recognize users who haven't logged in
  • Send that information to your CRM
  • Use that event to trigger an email from your marketing automation tool

This is a common workflow that's both technical and time consuming to setup. In Outseta, a non-technical user can configure this workflow in minutes.

Or say you wanted to track the actual lifetime value of each customer. This would likely require integrating your billing system, CRM, and reporting tools. With Outseta this calculation occurs automatically and updates in real time as new payments are accepted, directly on each customer's CRM record.

Your Outseta account is filled with examples of common workflows that collectively save you a ton of time.

You'll save you a bunch of money & scale with predictable overhead

While we hate to peg our value to cost savings, we sell primarily to bootstrapped start-ups (which we are ourselves). We know how much low and predictable overhead matters! 

If you look at our subscription fees compared to the costs of the software products we replace, our fees are extremely low—that’s by design. And with no per user fees you can invite your whole team as you grow without incurring additional costs—also by design! We make money by taking a 1% fee on successfully processed payments, so we only grow when you grow and our interests are aligned.

If you compare our fees to other membership software providers, Outseta is significantly less expensive. And Stripe's own billing tools are great but they'll cost you extra, too. Most founders don't realize that you'll pay at least 3.7% per transaction if you use Stripe’s own billing tools—it’s worth educating yourself before making a decision. You'll need to spend a bunch of time integrating Stripe with the rest of your tech stack, too.

Your tech stack doesn't need to feel duct taped together

The allure of using the absolute best software for every aspect of your business can be intoxicating—we get it! But in working with thousands of founders, we've found that those best in class software tools are almost always fractionally used—and the more integrations you have in place, the more your tech stack feels like it's duct taped together. Code based integrations aside, tools like Zapier are great but they only introduce another potential point of failure.

Ask any CTO or VP of Engineering that you know who has had a successful start-up run a few questions…

  • How often did you change the tools in your stack as you scaled?
  • How much time was spent evaluating and integrating new tools?
  • How often were you asked to pull data from one tool, to support a campaign deployed in another tool?
  • How often did you encounter issues with data consistency?
  • How often did your integrations break?

The point is, as your start-up scales time spent evaluating, integrating, and maintaining the tools on which your business relies scales up—not just a little bit, but dramatically. That’s why you see entire IT departments, and full-time salaries devoted to business, sales, and marketing operations teams.

Perhaps most unfortunate is that in an early stage start-up it’s typically an experienced engineer that’s tasked with doing this work. Let’s say that a technical founder’s time is valued at $150,000 per year. If that person spends, conservatively, 3 hours per week managing their tech stack guess what that will cost a start-up in its first year of existence?

$11,249.16—roughly one month of working time.

How far would that time go if it was spent building your core product? How far could that budget go if it was spent on marketing?

One vendor to deal with

Remember the last time you called customer support to deal with an issue related to your cell phone plan? Or your cable TV provider? Would you rather deal with five cell phone providers? Seven cable TV providers? Or one?

With Outseta if you have a problem with your software, you have one vendor to deal with. You can reach us via email, live chat, or our knowledge base—you can even jump on a 1-on-1 call with us any time you like. 

You'll come to know our team members by name, and we'll come to know your business. One point of contact is easy to remember… an inbox filled with messages from a handful of Account Managers? No thanks.

If you want to see what Outseta is all about, the best way to do so is to create an account. If you’re a subscription start-up with minimum viable product (MVP), we can help you launch your business in less than a day.

You made it this far—let’s do this, eh? Start your free trial

“The value provided by Outseta is amazing...”

Outseta has been an amazing tool to have. Gone are the days of multiple products that cost the earth, Outseta does it all without fuss and complication!

Callum Burns

I have been blown away by your product.

Jay Acunzo
Founder, The Creator Kitchen

Let me start by saying that I love your company. I've been looking for a product in this niche for weeks and Outseta is a breath of fresh air.

Blake Ashley