What we’re all about at Outseta

Outseta was founded in 2016 by Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Dave Wong, and Geoff Roberts with two objectives in mind.


To build a software product that supports all the basic operational needs of an early stage subscription business. Software is supposed to improve efficiency, yet we observed early stage companies stitching together dozens of software tools in a way that was anything but. Today we offer internet creators a proven methodology to launch, validate, and scale their SaaS or membership businesses much more efficiently.


To prove that there's a better way to build a business—one that results in people who are more fulfilled in both their personal and professional lives. 

Outseta is very much an experiment in organizational design and purpose—we’re out to show what’s possible when you challenge “how business is done.”
That’s what this page is all about—we hope it helps you better understand the company that we aspire to be.

Everyone is an owner

At Outseta, everyone earns equity in the business at the same rate as our co-founding team—and everyone else for that matter. There are no “classes” of stock, no restricted versus unrestricted options, no preferential treatment given to investors—no bullshit.

Want to know how we make financial and functional decisions? Here’s our operating agreement.


Purposely small and independent

We dream big, but prefer controlling our own destiny and working as a small team. We look for opportunities to do more with less and keep our team small and independent by design.


Standardized pay, flexible schedule

Everybody on our team can choose to work anywhere from one to five days per week—and we pay everybody the same. Issues of income inequality just flew out the window.

A full-time salary at Outseta is $210,000 per year—for everyone. Here's how it all works!


"Life profitability" first

We are an ambitious team and want Outseta to be a big financial success—but your life is more important than our business. We want you to chase down whatever it is you want out of life, and we believe giving you the freedom to do so will actually help make our business more successful.

We believe Outseta can play a leading role in enabling you to live the best life you possibly can, whatever that may mean to you. Ultimately increasing the life profitability of our team and customers is the primary impact that we hope to have on the world.


We’re self-managed

Self management is an organizational design that’s often known for being devoid of hierarchy; no bosses! While that’s true, we’ve embraced self management primarily to empower our team to make decisions autonomously. 

We allow people to find the areas of the business that they’re most interested in—and where they’re best able to contribute—then allow them to focus there. You’ll earn influence by consistently demonstrating great work rather than having tasks or decision making authority assigned to you by a title or a boss.

If you want to learn more about self management, we’ve been heavily influenced by Frederic Laloux's Reinventing Organizations. Give it a read!


We want the whole you

When we choose to work with someone, we’re welcoming the entirety of that person to our team—not just the parts of them that are convenient. 

We all face different challenges. These could be issues of discrimination, identity, mental health, physical health, anxiety, you name it. Maybe you’re a parent that’s going through a tough time, you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, or you’re just someone that doesn’t quite feel at home a lot of places.  

Whatever the challenges are that affect your life, that’s a part of you. Your fears and your feelings are welcomed here. We’ll bend over backwards to provide an environment where you feel safe, supported, and comfortable so that you can do your best work.

We care about making the world a more fair, fun, and equitable place for us all. And we believe progress will be made more rapidly by actively celebrating our differences, rather than by asking you to check parts of your identity at the door.


No budgets, forecasts, or performance targets

We think long term—perhaps the most significant way that this influences our work is we operate largely without budgets, forecasts, and performance targets. These are largely arbitrary measures that often come in conflict with what’s in the best long term interest of the business.

We try to sense and respond to the needs of the business rather than trying to predict and control. Hear us out.

We operate as if this is the last business we’ll ever build—we think it will be—and  that's a strategic advantage that’s very tough to compete against.


Fully remote, but we party in Greece

Our team is fully remote—always has been, always will be. The benefits and personal freedoms that remote work affords are too much to pass up. We value flexibility, but we honor our commitments to each other.

Spending time with co-workers is fun and helps build trust—we get that! We plan trips to celebrate company milestones most often in the Greek Islands... but we reserve the right to plan events elsewhere.


Our stance on political or social issues

The issue of how companies should address political or social issues was thrust into the international spotlight in 2020. It’s an important topic—here’s our take:

  • We don’t push the agenda of any political party—but we will always advocate for issues of basic human rights. 
  • Societal issues that affect our team, affect us. Period.
  • We’re willing to speak up when it’s the right thing to do—even if it’s unpopular and comes at the expense of profits.
  • We actively encourage people to vote with their wallets and will advocate for other organizations that similarly care about leaving the world better than they found it.

We invest in impact 

We’re a small business and changing the world is a big task. We can’t fight every battle—that would be an impossible agenda— but we can certainly work to leave things better than we found them. We will.

We invest our time and a percentage of our profits into impact initiatives that our team cares about. What these projects are and how they’re supported will change over time based on the interests of our collective team.


We're building the company we aspire to be

We have to show up and work everyday to deliver on the ideas that we’ve shared on this page. Just in saying that we care, we open ourselves up to criticism—and there will almost certainly be times where we fall short or our actions are called into question. We promise in these times to listen to the feedback, acknowledge our mistakes, explain our positions, and always try to lead with empathy.

We believe that how we work matters—it’s a big part of the company that we aspire to be.

Meet the Team

Dimitris Georgakopoulos

Dimitris is a software engineer and entrepreneur with a knack for scratching his own itch. Prior to Outseta he Co-founded Buildium, a product that he initially built to accept rent payments online from tenants he had living in a rental property.

Realizing the product he’d built for his own use might be helpful to others, he spent the next 15 years building the company. Buildium landed on the INC 5000 list of America’s fastest growing private ventures seven years in a row before being acquired by RealPage in December 2019 for $580M.

Dimitris enjoys skiing and windsurfing. He lives in his hometown of Athens, Greece.

Connect with Dimitris

Geoff Roberts

Geoff met Dimitris at Buildium where he led the marketing team as the company scaled from a start-up to $20M in revenue. He subsequently led marketing teams at a number of venture backed start-ups, before syncing back up with Dimitris to launch Outseta—the tech stack they wish existed back in the early days at Buildium.

Geoff worships at the feet of Tom Brady and enjoys traveling, eating, golfing, and the Boston Red Sox more than he probably should. He's also busy raising twin boys and trying his best not to grow up.

He lives in San Diego, CA.

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Dave Wong

Before Outseta Dave worked with fellow Co-founder Dimitris at Sapient Corporation and also Co-founded of Form4Oracle, a subscription service that helps investors understand what company executives actually think of their companies by providing an insider sentiment ranking.

Nobody is more responsible for the product that Outseta is today than Dave. He's a full-stack developer that focuses on both back-end and front-end development at Outseta. When he’s not pumping out new features, he enjoys playing volleyball and golf.

Dave lives in Boston, MA.

Connect with Dave

James Lavine

James learned the basics of visual communication at Rhode Island School of Design, then spent the next decade trying to figure out how to apply those principles to the web (he's still working on it). He now leads design at Outseta.

He loves mountain biking in the warm months and surfing chilly waters in the winter (what, that's when the best east coast swells are!).

James lives in Portland, Maine with his wife and daughter.

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Bernard Chen

Bernard worked with Dave and Dimitris at Sapient, and later with Geoff and Dimitris at Buildium. Bernard led Buildium's engineering organization through eleven years of strong growth while also implementing secure and effective software development processes until Buildium was acquired by RealPage.

He is a full-stack developer who mostly focuses on back-end development and the performance and scalability of back-end processes at Outseta.

Bernard enjoys running and tennis, and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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Benedicte Raae

Benedicte is a web developer who loves jamming on side projects with her piratical family. She has made apps trusted by the Swedish Armed Forces, The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, and others over the 15 years since she graduated with a Master of Computer Science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

With a developer mom, she had free access to the Internet from an early age but was introduced to HTML and CSS by a teacher back in junior high. She has an alternate persona as Queen Raae of the Jamstack Pirates, focusing on the framework Gatsby as her primary dev tool.

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