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You need to do more than launch a membership site—you need to build a membership business. Unlock the full potential of Webflow with Outseta.

Offer individual and team-based memberships

Integrate with embeds, pop-ups, or payment links

Track member engagement

Support more pricing models

Offer individual and team-based memberships; integrate with embeds, pop-ups, or payment links; track member engagement; and support more pricing models than Webflow memberships.

You can also protect individual page elements, allow your members to sign up and login with Google, automatically validate emails, and more. Oh, and you'll save a bunch of money too.

Let’s face it—if you’re looking to launch a membership site, you have plenty of options. There’s no shortage of member-ish software products out there! And yup, Webflow offers their own membership features now too.

But guess what?

You need to do more than launch a membership site… you need to grow a membership business.

Just adding payments and login features to your site isn't going to magically generate revenue.

That's where Outseta comes in. Our all-in-one platform that gives your Webflow site superpowers so that you can launch, manage, and grow a thriving membership business—all without code—all from behind the same login.

  • Individual or team memberships...
  • A true CRM for member data...
  • Email marketing and automations...
  • No-code pricing experiments...
  • How about a help desk?

It's all here! Outseta gives you all the tools to grow a happy and engaged member base—and your revenue.

Why use Outseta
with Webflow?

If you build sites with Webflow, chances are you know that Webflow's own membership features are in beta. While there's certainly some overlap with what Outseta offers, there's always a best tool for any given project.

Here are some of the reasons that Outseta might be the right choice for your next Weblow project!

Offer both individual and team based memberships

Most membership software providers (including Webflow) offer individual memberships—each person is required to sign up for their own membership. While this fulfills many use cases, many membership sites, SaaS products, and online communities quickly realize an opportunity to sell team based memberships to organizations. In this case multiple people share the same account and membership, but each user gets their own login credentials.

Outseta allows you to offer both individual and team based memberships.

Outseta is an all-in-one platform to grow a membership business

If we have a qualm with the no-code space, it’s that there’s so much emphasis on what can be built that people often lose sight of what really matters. You’re not out to launch a membership site, you’re out to grow a membership business! Only Outseta brings together all the core tools required to grow a thriving membership business.

This is important for a couple of reasons:

  • Outseta lets you run your business with lot less software—that means less technical complexity and fewer broken zaps!
  • You can manage nearly all aspects of your business from behind a single login. 

In addition to the payments, authentication, and protected content features that nearly all membership software provides Outseta also includes:

  • Fully customizable user accounts
  • Sales pipelines
  • User engagement tracking (track exactly how members interact with your site)
  • Email broadcasts
  • Email automations
  • Drag-and-drop email designer
  • Transactional emails
Help Desk
  • Support tickets
  • Knowledge base
  • Live chat
  • Track how users engage with your site and content
  • Customizable cancellation surveys and reports
  • Financial reporting on all common subscription metrics

Outseta offers more integration options—embeds, pop-ups, or payment links

While Webflow allows you to design your own sign up and login pages, Outseta provides a greater range of integration options. You can similarly embed our sign up and login forms directly on your own pages, but we also allow you to create pop-up triggers or payment links in seconds.

A more robust membership billing system

A fun fact—we built subscription billing for Stripe before Stripe did. In fact, it’s why we started Outseta in the first place—we needed these tools as founders ourselves!

Our billing system has been in development for almost 6 years now and is built around the idea of pricing agility. As a start-up, chances are you don’t know what your prices should be—or even what the best pricing model is for your business. Outseta makes it easy to run pricing experiments completely without writing code. 

Want to offer a free trial? Offer a subscription plan with a maximum number of users? Try per user pricing? We’ve got you covered!

Outseta will save you a bunch of money

With Outseta you’ll get access to a more robust membership software platform for a lot less money—although that may not be immediately apparent to you.

Let's break it down.

Webflow for site and memberships


Webflow for site / Outseta for memberships

Site subscription
For Webflow's Business site plan
$49/mo + $39/mo
For Webflow's Business site plan and Outseta Founder's plan
Workspace per user fees
$28-$60/mo per user
Webflow charges additional per user fees of $28/mo for up to 3 users or $60/mo for up to 9 users.
Potentially none
Outseta doesn't charge any per user fees—invite your whole team! You only need to consider who needs access to Webflow's designer.
Payment processing fees
2% to 0%
Depending on the Webflow site plan you choose
All Outseta plans have the same payment processing fee
Stripe transaction fees
2.9% per transaction
In the US, and 1.4% per transaction in Europe
2.9% per transaction
In the US, and 1.4% per transaction in Europe
Stripe Billing fees
0.5% to 0.8%
Webflow Memberships uses Stripe Billing under the hood, so you'll pay Stripe Billing fees too. More here.
We've built our own billing tools, so you don't need to pay for Stripe Billing.
Webflow Business site plan with 3 additional users.
3.4% to 5.7% per transaction
Webflow Business site plan with 1 user and Outseta Founder's plan with unlimited users.
3.9% per transaction

You’ll also need to consider the cost of other software tools that Outseta displaces. You’ll probably need an email marketing platform at the very least which will cost as much as Outseta’s subscription fees in total.

Allow members to sign up and login with Google

Outseta supports Google authentication, so your members can sign up and login with their Google account (or an email address and password if they prefer).

Track how members engage with your content

Want to know what your members are doing on your website or how they are engaging with your content? Outseta allows you to create custom activities, completely without code. This makes is easy to track how members are engaging with your content—if they completed a lesson, watched a video, or clicked on any page element—then track when that activity occurs. Best yet, you can track engagement for all of your members in aggregate or you can see the activity for each of your individual members directly on their CRM record.

Protect content at the individual element level

Rather than just allowing you to protect specific pages or folders of content, Outseta allows you to use custom attributes to protect content at the individual element level, too.

Want to hide that video, button, or block of text based on a someone's membership level? We gotchu.

Automatically validate email addresses for new members

Most membership software providers ask the user to set a password directly in their sign up form—while convenient, this allows new members to input fake email addresses to gain access to your site. This encourages fraudulent sign-ups and can leave you with no way of communicating with your new members. 

Outseta takes a different approach by sending a confirmation email to new members that both validates their email address and prompts them to set a password. The quality of your member data just got that much better!

Quick comparison

Membership payments

In beta

Pricing models
One-time and recurring payments
One-time, recurring, per user, editable quantity, and usage based pricing models
Payment gateway
Stripe, Paypal
Sign up embeds, pop-ups, or payment links
No-code pricing experiments
Free trials
Invoice builder
Customer billing portal
User Login
Email & password authentication

In beta

Google authentication
Single Sign On (SSO) integrations
Protected Content
Account specific pages / unique dashboards

In beta

Protect pages or folders of content

In beta

Protect individual elements
Growth Tools
Sales pipelines
Segmentation & Logic
Email broadcasts
Email automations
Support tickets
Knowledge base
Live chat
User engagement tracking
Customizable cancellation surveys and reporting
Subscription metrics & financial reports

Integrate in minutes. We’ll guide you.

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