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Membership sites are one of the best ways for creators to build their financial freedom—and Outseta can be used to turn any website into a membership website in minutes.

Let’s face it—there’s no shortage of member-ish software out there these days. They all provide membership payments, login tools, and protected content—but only Outseta gives you all the tools you need to grow a thriving membership business.

From a robust CRM, to email marketing, help desk, and reporting tools, Outseta gives membership site founders the complete package of tools they’ll need to build their financial freedom.

Oh, and did we mention our payment processing fees are substantially lower than other membership management software?

Check out our integrations guides below—they’re written for no-coders!

Industry leading membership payments platform

Three types of protected content

We make setting up protected content easy, giving you complete control over who can access your content based on their membership level.

Sign up and login forms

Easily build heavily optimized sign up forms for any membership plan or group of plans. Your members can sign up and login with either an email address and password (Outseta automatically validates email addresses), or their Google account.

A hypothetical user flow with Outseta

New website visitors

Ask questions

Answer questions from prospective members who visit your website or current members as they engage with your content.

  • Keep track of conversations in Outseta dashboard
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  • List item 3
  • List item 4
Live chat
Plan select embed
Sign up embed

Purchase a membership

Allow visitors to choose from your membership options, select a payment term, and purchase a membership.

  • Run pricing experiments without a developer
  • Account record created in Outseta CRM
  • New members automatically added to your Circle community
  • Automatically pay commissions to people who refer new members via Rewardful


Member logs into your site to access your members only content. You control the content that they can access based on their membership level.

  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3
  • List item 4
Login embed
Protected content

Member lands on a personalized dashboard

Outseta's account specific pages allow members to login and land on a personalized dashboard.

  • This is some text you can change
  • This is some text you can change
  • This is some text you can change
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Automated onboarding for new members

Create a helpful onboarding email sequence to help get your members up and running.

  • Automatically added to Onboarding drip email sequence
  • Added to Subscribing segment for future campaigns
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  • List item 4
Email segments and drip
Knowledge base
Support ticketing

Support members every step of the way

Member submits support tickets, asks questions via chat, or reads knowledge base articles when they need help.

  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3
  • List item 4

Upgrade their membership

Users love your content! They can upgrade themselves at any time to a higher membership tier.

  • Sell add-on products or services to your members to increase average revenue per member
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  • List item 3
  • List item 4
Profile embed

Increased customer lifetime value

Keep track of LTV with Outseta revenue reporting

Integration guides and demo sites

If you’re ready to get started and want to build your membership site with Outseta, we’ve offer integration guides for all of the products mentioned in this article and more. You’ll also find links to demo sites built on each of these platforms—feel free to sign up and login to each!
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