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Finally a complete tech stack for SaaS founders

Imagine if SaaS was Stripe’s only focus… from authentication and payments to CRM and email, Outseta helps founders launch fast.

If go-to-market and speed is key to winning for SaaS companies, then @outseta is such an unfair advantage. Holy shit this is amazing.

Q for SaaS founders: what portion of your app do you wish, in hindsight, that you (or your team) hadn’t built from scratch yourself?

I'm honestly surprised an off the shelf framework for SaaS companies doesn't exist yet. Users, permissions, notifications/email, internal dashboards, recurring billing, etc. are pretty universal.

All of the table stakes required to launch a SaaS


Authenticate users with an email & password or their Google account.


Process payments via Stripe with pricing agility only Outseta offers. We're a Stripe Verified Partner.

Transactional emails

All your transactional emails are ready to go out-of-the-box and fully editable.

User engagement tracking

Track user engagement directly on your CRM records.

Developer or no-code ready

Integrate with webhooks, Zapier, a robust API, or no-code!

All SaaS products require the same core tools—why reinvent the wheel?

Outseta is the only technology agnostic tech stack that integrates with any development framework so you can launch fast, serve the entire customer lifecycle, and get back to what matters most… building your core product.

Don’t take our word for it—here’s some of the best known founders in tech advocating for a product like Outseta.

A hypothetical user flow with Outseta

A new visitor lands on your site

Ask questions

Help visitors on the fly in the moment they need it.

  • Keep track of conversations in Outseta dashboard
  • Track your sales pipeline with Outseta deals
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  • List item 4
Live chat
Plan select embed
Sign up embed

Select plan and sign up

Allow visitors to choose from your subscription options, select a payment term, and purchase a subscription.

  • Run pricing experiments without a developer
  • Account record created in Outseta CRM
  • New members automatically added to your Circle community
  • Automatically pay commissions to Rewardful referral affiliates


User logs into your app and is shown the appropriate version of your product based on their subscription tier.

  • Track user engagement within your product
  • Use engagement data to improve sales efficiency
  • Provide proactive and tailored customer support
  • Set up activity notifications to keep your team in the know
Log in embed
Email segments and drip

Receive drip email sequence

Create a helpful onboarding email sequence to help get your users up and running.

  • Automatically added to Onboarding drip email sequence
  • Added to Subscribing segment for future campaigns
  • Send product updates, newsletters, and marketing campaigns
  • Set up automated email marketing sequences to nurture leads

Get help when they need it

User submits support tickets, asks questions via chat, or reads knowledge base articles when they need help.

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  • List item 2
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Knowledge base
Support ticketing

Upgrade their subscription!

Users love your product and decide upgrade themselves at any time to a higher subscription tier.

  • This is some text you can change
  • This is some text you can change
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Increased customer lifetime value

Keep track of LTV with Outseta revenue reporting

I'm skeptical. Outseta can't possibly do all of this well... right?

We get it! If we were in your shoes, we’d have the same concern.

  • We’ve been quietly building this product for over 6 years now. Our name might be new to you, but Outseta is years in the making.
  • Check out our origin story—we’ve built large scale, mission critical SaaS products before.
  • Yes, we don’t offer feature-for-feature parity with many of the point solutions we compete against. Mailchimp offers hundreds of email templates for you to choose from—but how many are you going to actually use? 
  • Start-ups have more basic needs than bigger companies—chances are most of your software tools are only fractionally used. Outseta delivers the core features that matter most.
  • Our billing and authentication tools are particularly robust—these features ultimately power your SaaS product.

28 time saving
workflows for developers

We come across posts daily from developers talking about what they haven’t built.

Outseta gives you all of table stakes workflows required to build a SaaS business out-of-the-box. This is what modern speed to market and done-for-you-SaaS looks like.

Learn how to save time

My SaaS is about to cross $300 MRR, and I still don't have:

- password reset
- a billing portal
- change email
- a knowledge base
- dark mode

Best to worry about these once people actually need them 😅

Good news: Customer is adding more team members to their account.

Bad news: I have to code the logic to handle it.

I was hoping Stripe would have caught up to my "basic" use cases with their checkout product.