Sign ‘em up, sign ‘em in

Easily sign up and log in website visitors, then control access to your product or content based on their subscription level.

Sign up

User profiles.

Why waste time building your own auth? Every subscription business needs to build a way for users to sign-up, login, and manage their subscription and billing information. So why reinvent the wheel?

Outseta’s sign-up and login embeds are small code snippets that can be dropped into your website or integrated with your product in minutes. Allow users to authenticate with a verified email address and password—or their Google account.

Read about integrating Outseta authentication

Let users pick their plan and sign up

Let Outseta’s sign-up embed do the heavy lifting and add a subscription checkout experience to your website in minutes.

Customize your sign-up process in four steps

  • Edit subscription information so users can select their plan
  • Setup additional checkout options like billing cycle, setup fees, & add-on services
  • Customize the information you request from users at sign-up
  • Capture credit card information

Control access to content

  • Setup protected content that’s only accessible to users if they’re logged in
  • Give your users access to different product or website pages based on their subscription level
  • Create “account specific pages” that are only accessible to specific members or teams
  • Send users to their own unique dashboard each time they login
  • Allow users to upgrade to gain access to additional content

Let users manage their own profiles

Our profile widget integrates with your site or product. Users can:

  • Maintain account information
  • Change their password
  • Add and manage users
  • Change or cancel their subscription
  • Update their billing information

You could build it yourself, but time is precious.