Pricing designed for bootstrappers

Every plan comes with a personalized 1-on-1 onboarding session.
7-day free trial
/year (save $78)
+ 1% transaction fee
  • Up to 1,000 contacts
  • Unlimited team members
  • All features included
Start 7-day free trial
/year (save $158)
+ 1% transaction fee
  • Up to 5,000 contacts
  • Unlimited team members
  • All features included
Get started
/year (save $238)
+ 1% transaction fee
  • Up to 10,000 contacts
  • Unlimited team members
  • All features included
Get started

1% transaction fee for successfully processed payments. Does not include Stripe fees.
Contacts are the total number of people in your account—prospects, customers, etc. You can delete contacts any time.

Considering using Stripe's own billing tools or another membership software product? Read this first.

More than 10,000 contacts? Change the number below to see pricing, or contact us to talk about a custom plan.

More than 10,000 contacts? Contact us to talk about a custom plan.

What people are saying about us

So, what does Outseta do?

A lot, actually. Compare us to the following products.
Help Desk
Live Chat
Track all of your prospect and customer data in one place.
Subscription billing
Charge your customers and manage your subscription options.
Lead capture forms
Build forms that send submission data directly into Outseta CRM.
Sales pipelines
Manage your customer acquisition process with our drag-and-drop sales pipelines.
Email marketing and automation
Send email broadcasts or an automated series of drip emails.
Activity notifications
Get notified by email or webhooks any time a user performs an important action.
Live chat
Engage directly with users whether they're on your website or in your app.
Knowledge base
Publish how-to content and other product documentation to share with your customers.
Product engagement tracking
Track what actions users are taking in your product or on your website.
Support ticketing
Make sure a customer service request never slips through the cracks.
Product registration and authentication
Sign up users and show them the right version of your product based on their subscription.
User profiles
Use our profile widget to allow users to manage their own subscriptions.
Protected content
Set up pages or entire folders of protected content.
Account specific pages
Create unique landing pages only accessible to specific users or teams.
Show or hide page elements
Choose to display or hide any element on your website based on a user's subscription.

Frequently asked questions

Do we pay extra when we invite new team members?

Nope. With Outseta you can invite as many team members as you like without incurring additional charges. As your start-up grows you’ll have predictable overhead and you’ll save a bunch of money as you scale.

Do you offer discounts?

No. Because we primarily sell to founders of bootstrapped start-ups (which we are ourselves), we understand how important it is to keep expenses low. As a result, we offer the lowest possible price that we can to each and every customer.

We’ve intentionally designed our pricing strategy so that we don’t make any money from subscription charges—we only cover our costs. Instead, we’ve aligned our interests with our customers’ so we only make money when you do by taking a 1% fee on successfully processed payments.

Compare Outseta to the alternative of buying 5-10 different software tools and we think you’ll find it’s a ridiculously good deal. You can always save 20% by signing up for an annual subscription.

“The value provided by Outseta is amazing.”

“Outseta has been an amazing tool to have. Gone are the days of multiple products that cost the earth, Outseta does it all without fuss and complication!”

Callum Burns

“Thanks for creating what I consider to be an incredible boon for SaaS start-ups. As a repeat investor, mentor, speaker, advisor and consultant to many startups, I really was excited to learn of you as you solve many many problems that SaaS start-ups often have.”

Sam McMullen
VP of Strategy,

“Let me start by saying that I love your company. I've been looking for a product in this niche for weeks and Outseta is a breath of fresh air.”

Blake Ashley