Outseta Company Update - May 2024

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Alright let's do the company update thing, Spring 2024 edition. The first quarter of the year is always the busiest time of year at Outseta and this year was no exception. Releasing our new Webflow App was our top priority—aside from that we've been heavily focused on backend changes that will enable us to build product that much faster well into the future.

Before we dive into the usual product updates, there are a couple of items I could use your help on...

Feedback and reviews

We're currently working on a new version of our website—and something that's always been tough is getting our messaging right. Outseta has a feature set that spans many well known software categories, and we sell to a few different types of buyers too. With that in mind I set out to write a page that details what Outseta is, who it's for, and when the product is (or isn't) a good fit in very plain and simple language.

Is Outseta for me?

I would love to hear if this page jives with your understanding of Outseta—any feedback you'd be willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

Even more importantly, we're hoping to incorporate video testimonials from our customers on the new site. If you're a happy customer and wouldn't mind sharing your experiences with Outseta via a short video, we'd be incredibly grateful. We've made the process of recording a video testimonial dead simple.

Record a video testimonial for Outseta

I appreciate your help—and on to the new stuff!

New Feature! Apply discounts to add-on products

Previously discounts could only be applied to your "Plans" but not "Add-on" products. We now provide the ability to apply discounts to both types of products. Most of you will use this new feature in one of two ways:

  • To apply a percentage based discount to all items on an invoice
  • To give someone a free add-on product. In this context, you can create a fixed price discount that covers the amount of the add-on product and create a discount code that's something like "FreeAddonName."

New Tutorial! Use Supabase with Outseta authentication

A lot of people have reached out to us over the last year about using Outseta in conjunction with Supabase, so Benedicte got to work. Our new Supabase integration guide showcases how you can use Supabase alongside Outseta authentication with row level security. The guide comes complete with a Vanilla JS demo that you can explore via a Code Sandbox.

New Feature! Reorder your CRM properties

You can now customize the order in which properties are displayed on your CRM records—accounts, people, and deals. In order to define a custom order, head over to CRM > CUSTOM PROPERTIES and select the MANAGE ACCOUNT PROPERTIES button (to re-order account properties). From there, it's a drag-and-drop interface to choose which properties to display and the order in which they will appear.

Forward emails to your support inbox

Sometimes customers might email your personal email address with questions—now you can easily forward those emails to your support inbox. This will create a support ticket, and you can now easily change who the ticket is associated with so you can both log the issue and respond to the correct person.

Edit plan expiration date

You can now add or edit the subscription expiration date for any given customer directly from their account record.

Search and export invoices

We made a series of changes to the BILLING > INVOICES page—you can now:

  • Find invoices by searching for an invoice number
  • Filter to find all invoices associated with an account
  • Export all of your invoices

It's always wise to keep your financial and accounting teams happy.

Content protection auto-updates in real-time

Let's say somebody is on your "Pro" subscription plan, which gives them access to your "Pro" content. But then they also buy an add-on product, which should give them access to additional protected content. Previously, the user wouldn't be able to access the protected content associated with the add-on product until they logged in again—their subscription and the add-on wouldn't be recognized by their current logged in session.

No more.

Users can now buy additional add-on products, and their content protections will update in real-time to give them access to new products or content without requiring a subsequent login.

Clearer UX for support ticket notes

We made a series of updates to make it more visually apparent when you're leaving a "note" on a support tickets rather than a "reply." You'll now see a prompt in the reply box, a different icon when submitting a note, and the note gets added to the ticket using a different color than replies.

New Product! Webflow App

We sent you an email about this previously, but we want to make sure you didn't miss our new Webflow App. Since launch we've made a series of updates based on your feedback to make it easier to install the new app—especially when you're using it across a number of different sites.

Keep the feedback coming!

Updates to our tech stack and backend processes

Finally, we devoted a significant portion of our time in Q1 to making changes to our tech stack and backend processes. These changes won't be noticeable to most customers, but will enable us to deliver better software faster and more reliably going forward. If you're a software engineer and want to read more about these changes, Bernard from our team authored a post detailing the changes that we made.

And finally... some silly nonsense

I'll be honest with you—sometimes building Outseta is stressful. As a mission critical product that powers so many businesses, we shoulder a big responsibility. Sometimes we all need to take a breather; we need a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.

In one of those miraculous moments, our new sales video was born...

You didn't know that entertainment was included in your subscription fees, did you?

Until next time!

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Louise Dean

May 7, 2024

Can Outseta work with Kajabi? Webflow>Outseta>Kajabi + Circle. With Kajabi providing the LMS?



Michael Kohn

May 2, 2024

Thank you for this update and all your hard work to date, Outseta. I've successfully used your brilliant software to help two ambitious choir business grow their membership these past two years. And now I am about to launch choirslist.com, with over 500 London choirs listed, seeking singers to join them. So of course, I especially appreciate the singing sales pitch. BRAVO! ENCORE!



Geoff Roberts

May 2, 2024

Haha thank you Michael! Keep on singing!


Stephen Wicks

May 1, 2024

🎶 "All your questions are routed to one place... You hoo hoo." 🤣



Geoff Roberts

May 2, 2024

Happy to entertain!



May 1, 2024

What is the eta for 2FA?



Geoff Roberts

May 2, 2024

I don't have a firm ETA to share on 2FA quite yet.