How is Outseta different for memberships?

One of the questions we get asked most often from the no-code community is “There are plenty of membership software products out there—how is Outseta different?” This post answers that question!

Outseta is an all-in-one product to grow a membership business

While there are many different membership software products out there, the common theme among them is they give you the tools to launch a membership site—namely to add membership billing to your website and set up gated content. Outseta does that too, but you still need tools to grow your member base after you launch your site, right?

The biggest difference between Outseta and the other membership software providers is Outseta also gives you the tools you’ll inevitably need to grow a happy member base. If you’re serious about growing your business, you’ll need a CRM to store your prospect and customer data. You’ll need email marketing tools to communicate with your member base, and you’ll need help desk tools like support tickets, a knowledge base, and live chat to support your members as you scale. Outseta offers all of these tools in a single platform, so you don’t have to Zap data back and forth between a spiderweb of loosely integrated tools.

Allow multiple users to share a single membership

With most membership software products, a membership is associated with a single member. Similarly, Outseta offers an “Individual” mode where there’s that same 1-to-1 relationship between a membership and a member. However, Outseta also offers a “Team” mode that allows multiple members to be associated with the same membership. This is really useful in scenarios like when you have a teacher who wants to pay for a membership, but give all of their students access to the membership.

Members can have multiple subscriptions

With Outseta every account has a “Primary” membership, but members can also subscribe to additional “Add-on” subscriptions. They can also purchase additional one-time or usage based products or services.

Create multiple member specific pages

Most membership software products allow you to create member specific pages—pages of content that are only accessible to specific members. These pages are most often used to send members to a unique dashboard that they can access when they login to your site. While that’s the case, most of the other products on the market only give you access to a single member specific page—with Outseta you can set up as many member specific pages as you need.

Outseta’s billing system offers a wider range of pricing models

In addition to regular subscription billing, Outseta’s billing system also supports unit based pricing (like per seat pricing), usage based or metered pricing, setup fees, add-on products, and the ability to manually created your own invoices.

Best yet? Once Outseta is integrated with your website you can change your pricing at any time directly from our UI and the checkout experience on your website will update automatically to reflect your new pricing. If you’re not sure what your pricing should be—or even if you have the right pricing model—Outseta gives you the tools to rapidly run pricing experiments to figure it out without involving developers.

Outseta validates email addresses for new subscribers

Most membership software providers ask the user to set a password directly in their sign up form—while convenient, this allows customers to input fake email addresses to gain access your product or site... and leaves you with no way of communicating with your new subscriber.

Outseta takes a different approach, sending a confirmation email to new subscribers that both validates their email address and prompts them to set a password. The quality of your member data just got that much better!

Ready to start building your membership site?

“Everything you need to build a recurring revenue business...”

Outseta has been an amazing tool to have. Gone are the days of multiple products that cost the earth, Outseta does it all without fuss and complication!

Callum Burns

Thanks for creating what I consider to be an incredible boon for SaaS start-ups. As a repeat investor, mentor, speaker, advisor and consultant to many startups, I really was excited to learn of you as you solve many many problems that SaaS start-ups often have.

Sam McMullen
VP of Strategy,

Let me start by saying that I love your company. I've been looking for a product in this niche for weeks and Outseta is a breath of fresh air.

Blake Ashley