Outseta Affiliate Opportunities - April 2023

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Outseta has grown over the past six years without a single person dedicated to sales. Instead, we've relied on content marketing, partnerships, and referrals from affiliates to fuel our growth. To date, nearly 30% of our customers have been driven by affiliates.

What's most intriguing about this is that I've done exactly what you're not supposed to do when it comes to launching an affiliate program—I launched the program, but have done almost nothing to proactively build it other than issuing payouts to affiliates each month. This is very much a missed opportunity—that's what this post is all about.

Going forward I'm going to be much more proactive in supporting our affiliates, specifically by communicating specific and actionable opportunities to make more money in affiliate commissions. These opportunities represent validated demand—customers have already reached out to us asking for this type of content. We know there's an appetite for this stuff, so if you build it it's highly likely that it will drive customer sign ups and affiliate commissions.

Whether you're an existing Outseta affiliate or not, there are a few things I want to communicate about our affiliate program:

  • The common thread amongst our highest earning affiliates is not that they constantly produce Outseta related content—it's that they've taken the time to publish and promote one high quality piece of content (usually a video or article) that shows how to build something very specific with Outseta.
  • The all-time conversion rate from free trial to paid customer across all affiliates is a whopping 60%. If you're driving sign ups, more than half of them will become paying customers on which you'll earn recurring commissions.
  • The magic of our affiliate program is two fold—first, we pay out a 25% recurring commission on any business you refer to us forever. But more importantly, that commission is not just based on our subscription fees—it also includes the money we make from payment processing revenue, too. This is how our program becomes lucrative—our top earning affiliates haven't necessarily driven a high volume of sign ups, but they've sent companies our way that have had some financial success. As their revenue grows, so do your commissions—in perpetuity!

Without further adieu, here are some pre-validated ideas for content that you can create to drive more affiliate commissions!

Affiliate opportunities for Outseta customers

Let's start with the obvious one—if you're an Outseta customer, you've already built something with Outseta! Simply write a blog post or record a video highlighting how you used Outseta to build your product or service. You don't need any sort of crazy level of production or polish (although that never hurts)—you'd be shocked how much people respond to a simple unedited video recording of a founder walking through how they built something. Publish it on your blog, your YouTube channel, or send an email campaign around it.

Here's a couple of examples of this type of content:

Affiliate opportunities for no-coders

These all represent high potential ideas that can be easily created by no-coders.

Notion Guides

There's really no other way to say it—Notion is hot at the moment, and any sort of content or products related to Notion tend to do really well with comparatively little effort. There's a huge appetite for this stuff!

Outseta and tools like Super.so can be used to turn Notion into a membership site. If you're a Notion user or have any degree of an audience in the Notion world, this is the closest thing to a can't miss opportunity that we can provide.

Discord Guides

Similar to Notion, Discord is a crazy fast growing technology—and surprise surprise, we just released a Discord Bot that can be used to monetize and manage a Discord server.

This product has been received extremely well so far—and best of all, we've done almost nothing to market it properly. We don't have much internal Discord expertise, and we certainly haven't found an affiliate who is our Discord guy/gal yet—could that be you?

Another thing in your favor is Discord recently released their own tools to monetize a Discord server—but they are charging a 10% payment processing fee. Outseta provides a more powerful toolset at a fraction of the price.

Framer Guides

Framer has emerged as the first significant competitor to Webflow in the "visual website builder market" and again has a good deal of momentum—everything I've published online that even mentions Framer has gotten loads of engagement. Again, we've published a basic guide to selling memberships on a Framer site but nothing more than that.

I see in Framer the same opportunity that existed with Webflow a few years back—they don't offer authentication or membership tools of their own, which is a huge opportunity for Outseta. Any sort of guide to using Outseta with Framer will undoubtedly do well.

SSO implementation using OpenID Connect

One of the most common use cases that drives people to Outseta is wanting to use Outseta as a single sign on (SSO) provider to log users into multiple products concurrently. For example, you could have a single login authenticate users into a Webflow membership site and a Circle community concurrently.

This tutorial is a bit more involved to create, but solves a problem that's incredibly common.

Affiliate opportunities for developers

The following are great opportunities for affiliates who are more technical. Creating content around these technologies is likely going to be a bit more involved, but I think the opportunity is also greater. In general, there's a significant opportunity to create content highlighting how Outseta can be integrated with your favorite development framework or coding language. I've included some actual commentary from customers to highlight some of these opportunities.




We've seen rapidly growing interest as of late in using Outseta alongside Supabase. And yes, you can use Supabase's authentication tools alongside Outseta by following the "Using your own authentication" section of this article. Are you the right person to demonstrate how?


Xano is known as a no-code friendly database, but you still need to be quite technical to use it—that's why I've included it here. We already offer an integration with them, but we're severely lacking in terms of tutorials that show the power of Outseta and Xano when used together.

These are all opportunities where we've had consistent requests for better implementation guides and content. Whether you're already building with Outseta or are an affiliate that's looking for an opportunity to earn more, these are handpicked opportunities that I'd encourage you to consider. Our team is happy to provide support if you need help bringing any of these ideas to life!

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