We're Hiring! Part-Time Developer Relations Opportunity

This is a rare opportunity to earn equity in an established start-up on the same terms as our Co-founders while also earning solid part-time income.

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This position has been filled.

We’re looking to add a new team member in a part-time role at Outseta! We’re loosely calling this a Developer Relations position—we’re looking for someone technical (particularly with front-end expertise) who can help us in the following areas:

  • Technical support
  • Improving our technical documentation
  • Marketing to developers—help us make inroads in the developer community
  • Contributing to our product (front-end)

This opportunity is unique and not for everyone—it's an ideal fit for someone with their own entrepreneurial projects who wants to earn consistent, stable income at a healthy pay rate. But most importantly, it's designed for someone who wants to build a long term relationship with us and earn equity in Outseta at a rate that's at least 2x-4x the industry norm. Wealth is built through ownership—this is an opportunity to join stable start-up and earn equity as if you were a Co-founder.

What this role is about in brief: Technical support, developer relations, Javascript


  • This is a senior position where you’ll join as a “member” of Outseta, earning compensation and equity on the same terms as the rest of our team.
  • We are specifically looking for someone who can work with us two days per week—one day for cash compensation, and one day earning equity in the business.
  • We’re looking for someone who wants to build a long term working relationship with us.
  • You’ll be paid $3,500 per month for your one day per week of paid work.
  • You’ll earn 8 hours of equity in the business per week. What % of ownership that represents is determined by how much time other employees elect to work for equity in the business—we’ll show you the exact specifics / calculations. To give you a sense of its value, if you worked one day per week for equity in 2022 you’d own 1.5% of Outseta after one year. 

Your day to day work

  • We need someone who can work on Outseta for a few hours each day—it could be 3 hours per day, 5 days per week or something like 4 hours per day, 4 days per week—we’re fairly flexible in this regard. But we need someone who can distribute their time throughout the week rather than working two full days focused on Outseta each week.
  • 50% of your time will be focused on technical support—our entire team does support, this is where we need to most help, and we think this is critical in ramping up your knowledge of our product so you can best contribute. This is a significant part of this position. If this is a dealbreaker for you, we totally understand but it’s important that we communicate this up front.
  • 50% of your time will be allocated to other areas of the business where you’re best suited and excited to help us. We know we need to level up our technical documentation, we know we need to get better at marketing to developers, and we hope your time spent on support surfaces opportunities for you to contribute to product improvements, too.
  • You’ll have a lot of free reign to decide where you spend your time—with our organizational design, you won’t have a boss telling you what to work on. By issuing you equity, we hope that you’ll naturally gravitate to where you can help Outseta the most that’s also in-line with the needs of the business—in fact, it’s expected that you do so! It’s your job to help us grow.
  • You’ll work asynchronously—we have one hour long call per week as a team (currently Mondays at 1:00pm ET) and otherwise communicate through Slack.

About You

  • You’re entrepreneurial.
  • You work well with very little direction; you’re self-motivated and directed.
  • You have serious front-end skills—HTML, CSS, Javascript. Did I mention Javascript?
  • You’re comfortable working with tools like GitHub, code sandboxes, and video recording software to make tutorials.
  • You communicate complex technical ideas clearly and simply—both verbally and in writing.
  • You’re a team player who is excited about making a long term commitment to building something great!

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Raj Sojitra

April 6, 2023

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