Meet Outseta's New Webflow App

Our new Webflow App makes payments, authentication, CRM, email, and help desk tools available directly in the designer

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Outseta has been integrated with Webflow more than any other product—when the Webflow community discovered Outseta back in 2020, it really kick-started our growth. But I’ll be the first to tell you that Webflow’s plans to build their own membership features gave us pause for thought—it actually sent us off looking to diversify the range of products that Outseta is commonly integrated with.

Webflow did a bit of an about face on those plans; a move that has since been celebrated by most of the Webflow community. And with the launch of the Webflow Apps marketplace, it’s clear that Webflow is more committed than ever to enabling third party tools like Outseta to build deeper integrations with their platform.

Music to my ears. I jumped on a call with our team and the message was simple.

“It’s time to lean in.” 

Outseta’s new Webflow App is the result—bringing the building blocks of SaaS and membership business directly into the designer. It’s the perfect marriage of the membership features (payments, authentication, and protected content) and business management features (CRM, email automations, and help desk) that Webflow builders have been thirsty for.

Our strategy here is simple—let Webflow designers and developers build as much as possible directly in Webflow, while giving them the tools to manage and grow their businesses directly in Outseta.

Here are the new superpowers our Webflow App puts at your fingertips.

Add sign up and login forms from within the designer

From memberships to one-time payments to per user pricing models, you can now add sign up and login forms to your Webflow project without copying and pasting links or embed code. Simply select a button to trigger our forms opening as a pop-up, or embed them directly on the page.

Documentation: Integrate sign up, login, and profile embeds with Webflow

Pull user data from Outseta CRM onto the page

Gone are the days of fumbling around with data attributes to bring user data onto your pages. Easily grab data specific to any given user, or if you’re using team based memberships display data that’s accessible to all members of an account.

Documentation: Display user data

Show or hide page elements

Select any element on a page and choose to show or hide the element based on:

  • Whether the user is logged in or not
  • The user’s membership plan
  • Any add-on products the user has purchased

Documentation: Show or hide page elements

Those are our core membership features—now accessible directly in the designer. But you need to do more than launch a website... you need to build a business.

Use Webflow forms to subscribe users to email lists and trigger automations

Outseta’s email tools are now accessible to you from within the designer. You can use native Webflow forms—or grab one of our own—to subscribe users to email lists and to trigger email automations. No zaps or additional email marketing software required.

Documentation: Subscribe to email list (using Outseta's Webflow App)

Use Webflow forms to capture and create leads in Outseta CRM

While Outseta’s sign up forms automatically capture payments and create “Accounts” there are other use cases where you just want to get data into Outseta CRM.

Maybe you’re building a site for a client who needs to capture leads and automatically add them to their sales pipeline. Or it could be something as simple as a “Contact Us” form, where you want to trigger an automated email when the form is submitted.

In either case, you can now use native Webflow forms to build out these workflows and add Deals or People records to Outseta CRM. Again, no Zapier, Make, or third party integrations required.

Documentation: Add lead capture form (using Outseta's Webflow App)

Use Webflow forms to create support tickets in Outseta’s help desk

They say death and taxes are the only things guaranteed in life, but if you’re building a business, I’d add customer service to that list.

So style up another native Webflow form and sync it with Outseta’s help desk. Form submissions will land in your shared support ticket inbox, where they can be assigned and responded to without slipping through the cracks in someone’s personal email inbox. 

Your clients will thank you for their newfound superpowers.

Documentation: Create support ticket (using Outseta's Webflow App)

What’s next

I want to reiterate that this is just the first step in bringing Outseta’s full feature set into the Webflow Designer—we want your feedback, please!

But I also want to leave you with where this all came from. One thing I heard loud and clear from Webflow designers and developers at this year’s Webflow Conf is that they’re able to sell Outseta projects for more money… for a simple reason.

Every SaaS or membership business needs more than just payments, authentication, and protected content—they’ll inevitably need the other tools that Outseta offers in order to grow.

By incorporating these tools into your builds you're able to transition from “I’m building you a website” to “I’m helping you build a better business.” That’s an important transition—for which you can charge a lot.

Take if from WealthWave, a client of Edgar Allan (Webflow’s 2023 Agency of the Year).

We’re excited to see what we can build together in 2024!

Get started by installing our new Webflow App.

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Andy Freeland

February 16, 2024

Amazing. Really hope this can happen for Framer as I don't use Webflow at all.



Geoff Roberts

February 17, 2024

We have submitted a code component and some code overrides to Framer—we're waiting on their team to publish but they should be available soon. Letting their team know that you are looking for a tighter integration with Outseta is always helpful!