The Build A Beloved Membership Giveaway

Who is building the next great membership site or community?

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Over the past year a growing number of our customers have told us how helpful Jay Clouse's Build A Beloved Membership course was to them. We decided to have a little fun with it—a Twitter giveaway ensued.

The idea here was simple:

  • We (Outseta) got to hear about exciting new membership sites or communities
  • An aspiring creator (the winner) got access to a really helpful course (and a 30-minute meeting with Jay!)
  • An established creator that we think highly of (Jay) got $499 in his pocket

Sounds like a win-win-win, right?

Yeah, until I had to pick a single winner. Let's look at the nominees...

The next great membership site or community finalists

Honestly, picking a winner here really sucked—I wanted to pick them all as so many of these projects are interesting or are being built by people who have been super supportive of Outseta. I hate letting these people down—please know that I love you all! I figured the least I could do is share a bit about what everyone's working on and get them a nice backlink to their site.

The Fractional Exec—Zac King is about a year into building a community for fractional executives. I survived Outseta's early years by working as a fractional exec, so this topic is near and dear to my heart. Beyond that, Zac and I spent many hours in Outseta's early days bending Outseta to the needs of his business—he still has no idea how much his feedback helped us make Outseta no-code friendly.

Everyday Obsidian—James Bedford just launched Everyday Obsidian—and is off to a killer start I might add. I want to pick this project too as it already has momentum and I think Jay's course can help James get to the next level.

Daniel Migizi—Daniel wants to launch a membership for breath work training and learning to experience your emotions. Sounds like something I'll need by the time I select a winner here!

Matt Evans—Matt Evans already has a client lined up for a big learning management system build using Outseta and Webflow. Matt has been a long time supporter of Outseta and is about to embark on his biggest Outseta build yet.

Benoît Eveillard—Ben is building SEO and tracking tools for the Webflow community.

Floxies—Floxies is a young community of 1600+ women in UI / UX or Webflow development. Another killer option—we need more women in tech and an existing community of 1600+ speaks volumes to the potential here.

Tessa Kriesel—Tessa is building a community for DevRel professionals. Tessa is another long time support of ours—and it would be awesome to have more people in the DevRel world know about Outseta.

Impact Hustlers—Maiko Schaffrath is building Impact Hustlers, a community for impact driven founders. Maiko's been insanely supportive of us as well—and he's out to make a positive impact in the world. Huge points there.

VCfluence—Rachna Sekhrajka is building a community teaching VCs to build their personal brand by consistently publishing high quality content.

Alright, drumroll please!

And the winner is...

We're rolling with Floxies!

While we would love to support every one of these projects, we said we were out to find the next great membership site or community. To have a community 1600+ strong without a membership component, there's so much opportunity here. I think Jay's course can probably add the most value to this project. We also love that this community supports women in tech and is Webflow centric, making it a great fit all the way around.

Thank you to everybody who entered and especially to Jay for graciously throwing a 30-minute consulting call with him on top of our offer.

This was fun! It's something we'll look to do more of to put money in creators' pockets and invest in up-and-comers via educational products.

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