Outseta Company Update - September 2023

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Hi-dee-ho there, business builder!

OK, OK... my well of inspiration for how start our company updates may have dried up...

Carrying on... Here's what's new in your Outseta account!

New Feature! Revamped email analytics

We've been really pushing on our email features recently, which is a major theme within this update. This includes completely revamped email analytics—it's now easier to look at link performance for any of the links in your emails, and you can easily export lists of users who took actions like opening, exporting, or unsubscribing from your emails.

New Feature! Internal email lists

We added support for internal email lists. This is handy if you want to upload a list of emails addresses, but don't want to show that email list to users when they are managing their email subscription preferences.

For example, I recently uploaded a list of users who were using Outseta's original tax product to send them an update about Outseta's new Stripe Tax integration. I needed to send them an email, but didn't want this list to show up alongside lists like our monthly newsletter when users edit their email subscription preferences.

New Feature! Delay the first email in a drip sequence

This one is another feature that was a long time coming—the first email in a drip campaign used to always be sent immediately when the campaign was triggered. Bernard saw that, wagged his finger provocatively, and said, "Not on my watch!" Now someone can meet the criteria to trigger your drip campaign, but you can still send the first email in the sequence with a delay.

New Feature! Stripe Tax Integration

This one is a big deal and was a long time coming. Outseta now integrates with Stripe Tax, allowing you to calculate, collect, and report on global sales tax. This integration is currently in beta, but is already accessible to you from within your Outseta account.

Here's everything you need to know—the beta label will be dropped in the next few weeks.

New Feature! Customer lifetime revenue displays on support tickets

This is the sneaky awesome feature of this update—whenever a support ticket lands in your inbox, you'll now see the Total Lifetime Revenue of the customer alongside the ticket. This is super helpful in giving you or new team members an understanding of whether they are dealing with an entirely new customer, or a long term customer that's particularly valuable to your business.

If the ticket is submitted by a user who has multiple accounts Outseta will now display a list of their accounts, too.

New Resource! Geoff's Marketing Experiments

One of the fun parts of Outseta's business model is that when our customers grow, we grow! This aligns our interests and incentivizes us to help our customers grow in any way that we can.

To that end, I published The First 500 course earlier this year—a free resource for Outseta customers where I showcased how we landed Outseta's first 500 customers. While that course focused on the start-up stage, I'm now sharing a new resource I'm calling Geoff's Marketing Experiments.

This is a membership site built with Outseta and Carrd that again is free resource for Outseta customers—just shoot us an email and we'll send you a promo code granting you lifetime access to the site. This site is focused on the scale up stage—I'll be sharing updates on the marketing experiments that I'm running to grow Outseta each week, so you can follow along in real time.

The objective here is simple—share my strategy and thinking around marketing, in hopes that it will inspire your own experiments. Join here.

New Feature! Automatically created temporary passwords meet strength check requirements

Watch out world! This one is about as exciting as it sounds. If you generate a temporary password for a user within Outseta, the generated password will now automatically meet any password strength requirements that you have set up in your account.

Bug Fix: Customer Lifetime Revenue calculation now accounts for discounts

This one is a fix for what's been a known, longstanding bug—Outseta automatically tracks actual customer lifetime value directly on each customers' CRM record. This calculation did not previously account for discounts—it does now.

That's all for now—feel free to reach out to support(at)outseta.com with any questions as always.

-Geoff, Dave, Dimitris, Bernard, James, and Benedicte

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December 11, 2023

Thanks for sharing Geoff! Really insightful.




October 29, 2023

Great story and Sharing authentically, your journey of a *Bootstrapped" Statup*, thank you! Ypu are right people with boot strapped should share authentic origin story. It's not easy for some to be that open, but that is what brings the people in. Rachel