Outseta Company Update - October 2022

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Fall is here already—can you believe it?

Here's an update on what's new in your Outseta account as we move into the final quarter of the year.

New Product! Outseta LMS

Outseta's customer base is comprised of creators selling all sorts of digital products, the common theme amongst them being that they are products that are sold via a recurring revenue model. SaaS products, membership sites, and online communities are the most common use cases—but over the last few years we've a significant increase in the number of customers who want to sell multiple products concurrently.

Of the types of supplemental products that our customers want to sell, online courses has been the most common. A course is a great way educate customers about your SaaS product, or a great secondary product that you can sell to members of your online community. We also have lots of customers whose main product (or products) are online courses. In either case we heard a common message loud and clear:

"I want to offer a seamless login experience across my portfolio of products and need a learning management system that's more flexible than the popular learning management systems on the market."

So that's the problem that we set out to solve.

Outseta's LMS is a cloneable Webflow template that you can use to deliver a single video course or multiple courses concurrently. You have complete control over the design of your LMS given that it's built on top of Webflow. And a bunch of useful features like:

  • You can offer free teaser content as well as paid courses
  • Each user has their own unique landing page that tracks their progress as they progress through the course
  • Each student's progress is also tracked directly on their CRM records within Outseta
  • You can add lesson notes alongside your video content

Most importantly, using Outseta's SSO features students can be automatically logged into your LMS when they log into your website, SaaS product, or online community without requiring them to maintain a separate set of login credentials for your course.

We launched our own course leveraging this template to demonstrate how flexible it is—in The First 500 course I walk you step-by-step through the marketing strategies that we used at Outseta to land our first 500 customers. The course is free for Outseta customers—just email us if you haven't already and we'll send you a promo code to cover the cost!

You can find documentation on setting up your own LMS using Outseta and Webflow as well as a cloneable template here:


New Feature! Ability to set custom subscription expiration dates

One of the most highly requested features around subscription management, Outseta now allows you to set custom expiration dates for any of your subscription plans. You can configure this setting when you add or edit any plan by visiting BILLING > PLANS. This feature allows you to create plans that automatically expire on a specific date or after a specific number of months. It's super useful for any sort of seasonal subscription or cohort based course.

New Feature! Enhanced content protection

Outseta's content protection features use Javascript to protect your content; users need to login and have the appropriate subscription plan to access content that's protected. One of the major criticisms of using Javascript to protect content is that it introduces a potential security vulnerability—if a tech savvy user disables Javascript, they could theoretically gain access your content.

No more.

Outseta's enhanced content protection script is a small additional script that you can drop into the header of your website. If any user disables Javascript, Outseta will automatically redirect them to a URL of your choosing regardless of which pages they try to access (we recommend using your home page).

It's simple and effective—you don't need to worry about users accessing your content simply by disabling Javascript anymore. Here's documentation on how to add this script to your site.

New Feature! Double opt-in for email lists

We've added the ability to require that users double opt-in when subscribing to email lists! This is generally a good practice for building high quality email lists, but also is required for European customers in order to be GDPR compliant.

After users subscribe on your site, they'll be sent a verification email that contains a link that they can use to confirm that they want to be subscribed to your list.

Visual indication that users authenticate with Google

This is a minor update to our user interface, albeit a useful one—we now provide a visual indication directly on your "People" records if a user authenticates with Google. Oftentimes customers who authenticate with Google may try to reset their password and are surprised when they can't, forgetting that they use Google to authenticate into your product or site. This now gives you a clear way to confirm which means of authentication each of your customers is using.

New Feature! Segment criteria to trigger emails before or after a date

We've added new conditions that can be used to trigger email automations a certain number of days before or after a specific date. We also included the option of ignoring the year—this is useful if you need to trigger emails a certain number of days before or after a date that occurs each year (like a birthday).

That's a wrap! As always feel free to reach out and let us know about the features you're hoping to see in our next company update.

—The Outseta Team

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