Outseta Company Update - March 2017

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March company update… ready, set, go. Here’s what’s happened at Outseta over the course of the last month.

We built our email marketing tool

We’re not going to waste a ton of breath one this one, as there are plenty of email marketing tools out there. That said, this is the first major piece of functionality that we tackled - largely because this is the first piece of functionality that we (as an early stage SaaS start-up ourselves) needed. Our email marketing functionality includes support for both email blasts and drip email campaigns out of the gates. For those of you who are on our mailing list, this update was delivered via email using our own email marketing tool - we had been using Mailchimp prior. We’re doing some additional testing and adding just a touch of polish, at which point our email marketing tool will become publicly available.

Dimitris was accepted to Alptitude

We haven’t yet written a lot about how we’re planning to operate Outseta embracing the principles shared in Reinventing Organizations (that’s coming), but suffice it to say we’re looking to challenge the status quo when it comes to how we operate the company. One small step in that direction is Dimitris will be attending “Alptitude - the week that dreams are made of.”

What does that have to do with anything, you might ask? To start, Dimitris is wagering on this being much more productive than the typical industry conference where you meet a few folks and have mostly superficial conversations. Second of all, we’re looking to steal some ideas from the event - we’re thinking this could be a great format for a user conference in the future.

So yeah, Dimitris will be running around the French Alps June 3-10. As for me, I’m just jealous. Very, very jealous.

We designed our first logo

We’re a bootstrapped company with no design chops, so we turned to 99designs.com for help with our logo. I’ve used 99designs in the past, and to be frank I’m not a huge fan. That said, if you host a logo design contest and consistently leave feedback on each and every design submission you can end up with a pretty decent end product.

We like the simplicity of the logo. The orange rectangle around the word “Outset” visually shows that we’re an all-encompassing solution, and the rectangle creates a link with the “T” that represents connectedness.

You can now find Outseta on Twitter, Linkedin, Angellist and Gust

Check us out! We’d appreciate the follow.

That’s a wrap! Happy Wednesday.

-Geoff, Dave, & Dimitris

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