Outseta Company Update - June 2019

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With the first half of 2019 coming to a close, we have some significant updates this month—if you’re an Outseta user you may have already noticed them as a large portion of Outseta just got a major facelift! Here’s what we’ve been working on.

Zapier Integration

Much of the beauty of Outseta has always been that you don’t need to integrate the core tools that your business relies on—they work together seamlessly by default. While that’s the case, Outseta is undeniably the “core” software tool for most of our customers and several have asked about a Zapier integration as a means of connecting other third party tools with Outseta.

We’re excited to share that our Zapier integration is now live and you can sign-up to get early access to it here: https://zapier.com/apps/outseta/integrations.

CRM User Interface Redesign

We’ve also rolled out a completely redesigned user interface for our CRM, including updates to People, Account, and Deal records. Some highlights include:

  • Better filtering and sorting capabilities
  • A reorganization of the most important information on each record type
  • Better notifications of new support tickets and incoming live chat conversations
  • Customer Lifetime Revenue—Every account record will now automatically display “Customer Lifetime Revenue”—the total amount of revenue that you’ve captured from each of your customers over the duration of your relationship with them.

It is shocking to me how few SaaS companies—even established ones—have a clear sense of how much revenue each of their customers has paid them to date. This information is now clearly identified on your CRM records, making it easy to keep track of your most high value customers.

New Feature! Gmail Tracking

We now offer the ability to connect Outseta directly to your Gmail account. You can easily import Gmail contacts into Outseta and choose which contacts you’d like to track your email correspondence with in Outseta.  Just navigate to CRM > Email Integration to connect your Gmail account to Outseta.

That’s all for this month—we’ll circle back with our next update toward the end of the summer!

-Geoff, Dave, Dimitris, & James

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