Outseta Company Update - July 2023

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Alright—here's our first product update of the summer. Since Benedicte joined our team, we've had more capacity and Bernard in particular has been crushing on a bunch of smaller product improvements that collectively focus on improving Outseta's user experience for our customers.

New Feature! Shareable reports

You've seen this feature before from other reporting tools—here's our spin on it. Take any of your reports, apply a custom background, then share away. This feature is perfect for anyone looking to share reports in company or investor updates, or anyone who is building in public and wants to share their progress on social media.

Go to REPORTS > BILLING and click the three dots, then DOWNLOAD SHAREABLE IMAGE to give it a shot.

New Feature! Automatically create deals when lead capture forms are submitted

If you're using Outseta's lead capture forms, you know that we've always created a CRM record when a form is submitted (a Person record). Now you can also automatically create a Deal, and assign it to a specific stage in any of your sales pipelines.

New Feature! Add multiple invoice recipients

If you've elected to automatically send invoices to your customers after successful payments are made, you probably know that the invoice has always been sent to the primary contact on any given account. You can now add additional recipients—anyone associated with the account can automatically receive invoices via email.

To configure this setting, click on the Options drop down in the People section of your account records.

New Feature! Immediate downgrades

If you don't live in the world of subscription management, there are generally many more scenarios to account for than you might suspect. For example, if a customer wants to upgrade their subscription that change always happens immediately and is prorated automatically. But if a user wants to downgrade, that change results in a scenario where you would actually owe the customer money if they were downgraded immediately. As a result, Outseta's default behavior (as well as most subscription management platforms) is for that downgrade to occur after the existing subscription period (that's already been paid for) ends.

Similarly, if someone paid for an annual membership then wants to change to a monthly payment term, that change happens by default after the annual payment term that was initially paid for ends—otherwise you'd owe the customer a bunch of money!

While these behaviors ensure that you don't have a negative balance with your customers, sometimes you do want to make these types of subscription changes immediately anyways—and there's now a much smoother process to do so. We now give you free rein to make those changes—effective immediately rather than at the end of the pre-existing payment term—directly from within our user interface. When you get to the "Review" step while making the change, we'll show you a message informing of you the negative balance and prompting you to handle that however you best see fit with the customer. A refund, discount, or extended renewal date might be worth considering.

New Feature! Insert custom properties into emails and subject lines with merge tags

One small step for email personalization. One giant leap for mankind!

You can now add any custom property on your "Person" records into your emails (and subject lines) as a merge tag.

These merge tags appear is a drop down menu within the email editor if you want to add them to the body of your email—if you want to add them in the subject line, just follow our documentation to format the merge tag properly.

New Feature! Send test emails to any member of your account

Similar to how you can now send email invoices to any member of an account, you can now send test emails to any member of your account when authoring email broadcasts or drip campaigns. Previously test emails would only be sent to yourself.

New Feature! Unsubscribe column added to email broadcast stats

While Outseta has always provided aggregate statistics on how many people have unsubscribed from any given email, we now provide more granular insight so you can see exactly which recipients have unsubscribed. Click on the name of your broadcast then Recipients and you'll now see a Last Unsubscribed column.

New Feature! Outseta's Status Page

Outseta is a mission critical service for almost all of our customers, and as our customer base has grown over the past few years we've continued to make significant investments in our infrastructure. We're working hard behind the scenes to deliver a product that is always online, stable, and scaleable.

With that in mind, we've added a status page to notify users of any incidents with the platform. You can access the status page anytime from the footer of our website or at https://status.outseta.com/.

That's all we've got for now! We'll circle back with some big news in our next company update...

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