Outseta Company Update - December 2020

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I think we’re all excited to see 2020 drawing to a close… but I’m psyched to report that our final company update of the year includes three huge product updates that Outseta customers have been looking for.

It’s particularly notable that two of these are native integrations with other software products. In general, we’ve stayed away from building integrations because so much of Outseta’s value proposition is tied up in the fact that we bring together the core tools needed to launch a subscription business—you don’t need to integrate  a whole bunch of tools with Outseta!

But as customer requests poured in for integrations with Circle.so and Rewardful, it became clear that these were hugely complimentary products that also represented functionality that we weren’t going to build ourselves. Both products are impressive—in categories of software that have been around for a long time, both are easily the strongest products I’ve come across. We couldn’t be more excited for them to work tightly alongside Outseta.

New Feature! SSO integration with Circle.so

Circle.so is a platform that allows you build a community around your product or brand. You can bring together your members or subscribers in an engaging forum-like format where they can interact, share content, and deepen their connection with your brand.

Our Single Sign On (SSO) integration allows your members to use their Outseta login credentials to access their Circle account, allowing for a seamless experience between your site and Circle community.  You can also automatically add new members or subscribers to your Circle community, so your community grows in tandem with your business.

Here’s how to integrate Circle and Outseta.

New Feature! Integration with Rewardful for affiliate management

Rewardul is an affiliate management platform that makes it easy to generate unique links that you can then provide to affiliates or anybody else who wants to refer traffic and customers to your business. The product tracks the source of new leads and customer sign-ups, then automates the process of paying out referral commissions to your affiliates via Stripe. Whether you’re building a SaaS product or a membership site, it’s a fantastic way to incentivize others to send business your way.

Here’s how to setup Rewardful and Outseta.

Completely redesigned knowledge base

A project that sort of snuck up on us was a complete redesign of our knowledge base. James, our lead designer, showed up to our weekly team meeting one week and simply said, “The knowledge base design needs to attention… let me see what I can do.” He came back with a complete redesign that addressed a ton of customer feedback. Some specific improvements include:

  • Better control and customization of brand colors
  • The ability to submit a support ticket directly from the knowledge base
  • A better presentation of categories
  • Easy linking to other related articles and URLs

You can check our own updated knowledge base, or configure your own settings in Outseta by navigating to Help Desk > Settings > Knowledge Base.

These feature updates collectively pack quite a punch whether you’re working on incentivizing others to refer your company business, building an engaged community of users, or just delivering helpful documentation to your user base. If you have any questions about these features please don’t hesitate to reach out at support(at)outseta.com.

We’ll catch up with you again in 2021!

-Dimitris, Dave, Geoff, & James

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