New Transactional Emails and Notifications

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If you're an Outseta customer, a new product update just went live that we want to draw your attention to—redesigned transactional emails and notifications. Importantly, you don't need to do anything—although some of you may want to.

Outseta's transactional emails can be found by going to SETTINGS > TRANSACTIONAL EMAILS > EMAILS within your Outseta account. These are emails for things like Outseta's lost password workflows and the confirmation email sent to new subscribers when they sign up for your product or website. In either case, these are mission-critical emails required to use Outseta effectively.

Outseta's notification emails alert you to important happenings within your Outseta account—the fun one is the "Account Paid Subscription Created" notification email you receive every time you sign up a new paid subscriber. You can configure notifications by going to SETTINGS > NOTIFICATIONS.

Transactional emails and notifications have been redesigned

So, what exactly is new? Your emails and notifications have simply been redesigned—they will continue to operate in exactly the same way. These were among the first bits of functionality that we designed when we started building Outseta, and frankly we've barely touched them since. The redesigned transactional emails and notifications are simply meant to make you look good—they've been updated to a more modern and attractive design.

Here's an example of the new transactional email design.

And an example of the new paid subscription notification.

In either case the changes are relatively subtle, but we wanted to draw your attention to them as the look and feel of interacting with your site or product may have changed slightly.

What do I need to do?

If you have not previously made any edits to your transactional emails, you don't need to do anything—all of your emails have been automatically updated to this new design.

If you've previously edited your transactional emails, your emails have not been updated to this design—they remain exactly as they were based on the edits you've made previously. If you'd like to update your transactional emails to the new design, you'll need to open each email and click "Revert to original."

This will load the new email design for you, but you'll then need to update the copy of the email to whatever modifications you made previously. You may want to copy the content of your existing emails first so you can refer back to it.

A final note

Last but not least, the new emails have "Powered by Outseta" branding at the very bottom of the email. This helps us get our brand name out there and grow Outseta, so we can deliver that much better of a product to you. While that's the case, we know most of you likely don't want to see this branding in your emails, however subtle it may be. You can easily turn this off on the SETTINGS > GENERAL page.

We'd appreciate it if you're willing to show some love, but hey, we get it either way!

You may have noticed other design oriented changes in your Outseta account over the last few weeks—we're making a push to elevate the design and user experience of our product throughout the software. The goal is simple; make Outseta that much easier to use and make you look good! Much more to come in this direction throughout the summer months.

As always, if you have questions on these changes please reach out at support(at)outseta(dot)com.

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