The Urge to Act

How to Differentiate by Owning an Influential Idea that Moves the Market

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I've been working in marketing for almost 15 years now. In that time, Jay Acunzo is the marketer whose work I have come to admire the most.


Because his ideas simply resonate with me on a deeper level. Admist a sea of marketers—many of whom have larger audiences or social media followings—Jay is the one that I've asked to help Outseta stand out from the pack. He's helping us compete against companies hundreds of times our size; and in our upcoming session, he'll share his approach with you.

The Urge to Act: How to Differentiate by Owning An Influential Idea that Moves the Market

You speak, they act. That's the goal, and that's the dream—and if you're honest, way too often, it feels just as fictional. You're sharing tons of content, producing yet-more "stuff," but without the corresponding lift in results. Worse, you're watching people use all kinds of hollow, hype-filled gimmicks to earn attention their expertise simply doesn't warrant.

It's exhausting. It's tempting to try and spin even faster on the hamster wheel or maybe resort to the same tricks you actually dislike. Because what else can you do?

Simple: you can develop your premise. You can own a big idea in the market that sparks action in others.

A defensible, ownable premise is the first step to your positioning, your content, and your thought leadership differentiating publicly and driving action for your business. It's the first step towards results that come more easily.

In this thought-provoking, practical session, author and differentiation consultant Jay Acunzo will have you thinking more about the power of your ideas and less about the volume of your content.

You will learn:

  • How to move from rough but relevant ideas to a pithy, powerful premise that drives you brand positioning and content.
  • How to use your premise to become a more effective, influential storyteller—without magically adding budget.
  • How to stand out in a noisy world through your substance, not all those cheap stunts we see too often online.

You speak, they act. That's the dream—but it's also a very real skill you can master.

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Friday, February 16th @ 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

About your hosts

Jay Acunzo is the founder of The Creator Kitchen, a membership program made up of professional content creators (writers, speakers, podcasters, video creators, content marketers & more) who create with quality, integrity, and craft at the core. Jay has worked for brands like ESPN, Google, and Hubspot.

Geoff Roberts is a Co-founder of Outseta, a membership software platform that helps internet creators monetize their own beautiful corners of the internet. He's worked directly with founders to launch hundreds of membership sites, courses, and online communities.

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