Dimitris Georgakopoulos

Prior to Outseta, Dimitris Co-founded Buildium - a leading provider of software that streamlines the operations of residential property management companies. Today more than 12,000 businesses rely on Buildium. Dimitris lives in Boston, MA.


Geoff Roberts

Prior to Outseta, Geoff worked with fellow Co-founder Dimitris at Buildium where he led the marketing team. Geoff subsequently led marketing teams at Roambi and Bizness Apps, and now advises SaaS start-ups at www.saasgrowthstrategy.com. Geoff lives in San Diego, CA.


Dave Wong

Prior to Outseta, Dave worked with fellow Co-founder Dimitris at Sapient Corporation and was Co-founder of Form 4 Oracle, a subscription service that helps investors understand what company executives actually think of their companies by providing an insider sentiment ranking. Dave lives in Boston, MA.