Subscription Billing & Management Software

Start charging your customers whenever you are ready. Iterate on pricing models without bothering your developers.

We offer subscription billing tools with a start-up twist.


Choosing a subscription billing and management solution is a big decision for a SaaS start-up; there's a lot more to it than simply saying "I'll use Stripe" (that's only one part of the equation)! You'll need:

  1. A payment gateway
  2. Subscription management tools

Payment Gateway

We've partnered with Forte Payment Systems as our payment processing partner. 

  • Bill your customers and accept payments via credit or debit card.
  • Pay one flat fee of 2.9% per transaction.
  • Charge your customers on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Supports one-time, recurring, usage based, or unit based (ex: per seat, per user) pricing models. 
  • Forte's Dunning process management tools help recover lost revenue from declined card payments.

Subscription Management

While choosing a payment gateway is relatively straightforward, the reality is that too many SaaS founders choose to build their own subscription management logic. This is time consuming, development intensive work that takes entrepreneurs away from the task of building their core product. You'll need to consider:

Registration and Authentication

  • How do users register (create an account and sign-up) for your product?
  • How do users authenticate (validate that the person logging into your product is who they say they are)?

Our subscription management widget is a javascript widget that can be dropped into your website in a matter of minutes (we'll happily do this for you). It handles account registration, authentication, and validates which subscription the customer is on to show them the appropriate version of your product.

Free trial support 

  • Can you easily support a free trial model?
  • Do you capture credit card information at the beginning of the trial, then automatically charge the customer when their trial period expires?
  • Do you prompt users for payment when the trial expires?

We support these workflows "out of the box." 

Upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations

  • If a customer downgrades their subscription in the middle of a billing cycle, do you charge them the discounted rate in the next month of their subscription or issue them a pro-rated refund?
  • If a customer upgrades their subscription in the middle of a billing cycle, are they upcharged a prorated amount? How do they access to the upgraded version of the product?
  • When a customer cancels, do they stop incurring charges immediately? Are they issued a refund?

We've built this logic, so you don't need to.

Automatic transactional emails

  • How are any changes in a customer's subscription communicated?

Ease of changing prices

  • How easy is it to implement new pricing plans? How much developer time do you need to do so?

Outseta's "Plan Families" feature allows SaaS start-ups to easily add and implement new pricing plans without needing development help. This enables you to rapidly test new pricing models on any cohort of prospects.