SaaS Scaffolding

All SaaS products require the same table stakes functionality. Why waste time (and runway) building features that aren’t core product?

User & profile management

Our profile widget is a bit of Javascript that can be integrated with your product in minutes. It allows your users to:

  • Update their account information
  • Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscription
  • Invite new team members
  • Edit their billing information

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Product engagement tracking

Every SaaS founder wants to know how users are interacting with their product. Outseta gives you the answers.

  • Create custom events to track the actions users are taking inside of your product
  • Analyze product usage by account, by month, by cohort, or by billing stage
  • See how each account is engaging with your product directly on their CRM record

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Screenshot of the engagement screen.

Activity notifications

  • Easily create activity notifications to keep your team in-the-know
  • Deliver notifications via email or webhooks
  • Stay informed whether a payment is collected, an email is opened, a customer requests to cancel their account, or any other activity occurs

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