Features Overview

Email marketing. Customer support and knowledge base. CRM. Subscription billing. Reporting.    All the features your SaaS start-up needs, and none of the fluff that you don't. 


Email Marketing Tools

  • Email Broadcasts - Send one-off emails to any segment of prospects or customers.
  • Drip Email Campaigns - Nurture any segment of prospects or customers with a series of automated emails.

Customer Support & Knowledge Base Tools

  • Customer Support Ticketing System - Receive, assign, and respond to customer service requests. Your responses will automatically appear as a personalized email in any email client.
  • Knowledge Base - Provide searchable "how-to" content and other documentation to make it easy for your customers to find answers to their own questions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

  • Complete Account Records - Easily maintain records of all account data, as well as all of the people associated with each account. Gain a "360 degree view" of your prospects and customers by maintaining a complete history of all contact information, email responses, customer support requests, and billing activity - from lead to lifetime value. 
Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 10.55.10 AM.png
  • Custom Properties - Add unlimited custom properties to either People or Account records. Easily customize your records to be as simple or as detailed as you see fit.

Subscription Billing Tools

  • Coming soon!
  • Recurring Billing Platform - Bill and accept both subscription and one-off payments from your customers.

SaaS Performance Metrics & Reporting

  • Coming soon!
  • Track key SaaS metrics like leads, new customers, conversion rates, churn, monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and customer lifetime value (CLTV).