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Email Broadcasts

  • Send one-off communications to any email list or segment of prospects or customers
  • Watch your email preview update in real time as you craft your message
  • Deliver plain text emails, design your own custom templates, or leverage our simple but effective default template that leverages your brand's logo and color scheme
  • Track delivered, opened, and click-through rates

Great for

  • Sharing blog posts
  • Product updates
  • Launch announcements
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Drip Email Campaigns

  • Send an automated series of emails to any segment of prospects of customers
  • Trigger emails when someone subscribes to a list, joins a segment, or performs a custom activity
  • Track email statistics for your drip campaigns in aggregate and for each individual email

Great for

  • Lead nurturing sequences
  • Customer onboarding workflows
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Email Sign-up Forms

  • Customize your sign-up forms with our form builder, no developer required 
  • Easily integrate sign-up forms with your website - we provide stand-alone sign-up form pages, embedded HTML forms, and Javascript pop-up forms

Great for

  • Beta user or early access forms
  • Sign-up for updates forms
  • Email newsletter forms 
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Easily target prospects or customers with whatever characteristics you see fit - no additional tools or spreadsheet jockeying required. Segment your list off of created date, pipeline stage, or any other custom property. 


Ready to nurture your prospects and customers?