Membership software for Associations & Clubs

Outseta’s membership software helps a wide range of associations and clubs collect membership fees and streamline operations. If you’re looking to dramatically reduce the amount of time that needs to be spent on soul-sucking administrative tasks, you’re in the right place! Our software serves:

  • Professional and trade associations
  • Clubs of all varieties
  • Non-profit organizations

 Our software simplifies administrative tasks ranging from collecting dues, to communicating with members, to providing timely support to existing members. Best yet, Outseta easily integrates with your club or association’s existing website.

Collect membership fees

Outseta’s billing system automates the process of collecting membership fees, handling everything from collecting payments to sending automated reminders of upcoming membership renewals. Easily setup one-time or recurring payments and allow members to manage their own membership and billing information via our self-serve customer portal. Collecting dues doesn’t need to be headache.

Membership payments are processed via Stripe—the market leader in online payment processing.

Member database

Outseta CRM serves as a real-time member database, putting all of your member data at your fingertips in one centralized location.

Your member records are completely customizable and you can easily segment your data to build lists of members with shared characteristics.

Member communications and notifications

Outseta’s email tools make member communication a breeze. Use email broadcasts to send association or club updates, to promote events, to send newsletters, or for other important notifications.

Setup automated drip campaigns for renewal reminders or for automated onboarding sequences for new members.

Member Support

Outseta’s help desk makes it easy to route all incoming questions from members to one place—the days of member questions and requests getting lost in your inbox are over.

Easily assign and respond to questions from the convenience of a shared inbox—you can even save templated responses to common questions or publish information that you want to make available to all members in Outseta’s knowledge base.

Professional and trade associations thrive when members are able to focus their time and energy on their area of shared expertise—and clubs thrive when members are able to focus on their common passions. Outseta gives membership organizations time back to focus on these areas by streamlining operations and administrative tasks while giving your leadership clear insight into the performance of your association or club.

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"You're going to have to pry this product out of my cold dead hands."

Let me start by saying that I love your company. I've been looking for a product in this niche for weeks and Outseta is a breath of fresh air.

Blake Stelly

I have been blown away by your product!

Jay Acunzo
Founder, The Creator Kitchen

Outseta is your tool. CRM, payments, subscriptions, email automation, gated content, segmentation, etc... Outseta is loaded with great features at an extremely fair price.

Justin Welsh
Solopreneur, The Creator MBA