Outseta was founded in 2016 by Co-founders Dimitris GeorgakopoulosDave Wong, and Geoff Roberts with two objectives in mind.

  • To build a software product that supports all the basic operational needs of an early stage, SaaS start-up. We believe a single, integrated platform is a leaner and more efficient path to launch a SaaS start-up, giving your team more time to build your core product. We give our customers a competitive advantage by providing them with a proven methodology to rapidly launch, validate, and scale their companies.

  • To prove that there's a better way to build a business—one that results in more engaged employees who are more fulfilled in both their personal and professional lives.

    As we build our business we're embracing self management and the other principles shared in Frederic Laloux's Reinventing Organizations. Outseta is very much an experiment in organizational purpose and design—this is why we’ve chosen to work together and we’re out to show what’s possible when you challenge “how business is done.”

Still curious? Here are some additional links to help you figure out what we're all about.

Interested in why we decided to tackle this problem?

We mentioned we're building a self-managed company; one completely devoid of hierarchy; no bosses!

How do we make financial and functional decisions at Outseta?

We operate basically without budgets, forecasts, or performance targets.

Sound idealistic? We like it that way.